Dispute Management

In carrying out your business, dispute is unfortunately a by product of the current corporate world and litigation can be an extremely costly and ultimately fruitless route to resolve your dispute. Ansell Murray can prepare for and represent your company using the mechanism of alternative dispute resolution. This is arbitration and adjudication. This is a more cost effective method of attempting to resolve a dispute you may be involved in.

Ansell Murray will give an initial assessment of the dispute and advise of the most cost effective and likely route to a successful conclusion of the dispute. Owing to strict timeframes we can work directly on your behalf or liase with your specialist legal team; advising and assisting with our specialist knowledge.

The following broad based activities form part of our dispute management services:

  • Dispute avoidance strategic advice
  • Claim preparation
  • Adjudication referring or responding party representation
  • Arbitration claimant or defendant party representation
  • Mediation
  • Dispute resolution strategic advice
  • Preparation and negotiation of compromise agreements

    Dispute is part of the process of business, at Ansell Murray we aim to help you avoid dispute, if you end up in a dispute to help you stop the dispute and to resolve it; quickly and successfully with as little disruption to your day to day business activities as possible.

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