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Ansell Murray is not a recruitment agency. As a company we do not look to collect Curriculum Vitae and flood employers with candidates in the hope one of them will be suitable and claim a fee for a very small input.

We offer specialist recruitment. You have a requirement for a particular member of staff at any level of your business and we will identify a short list of candidates for your company to interview and select from. Our aim is to have candidates of such high caliber that you want to employ more than one of them. Some call this function head hunting and in many ways it is, except we will match the person you are looking to recruit at any level, whether professionally qualified or has received vocational training.

We achieve this by understanding the exact expertise that your are looking to achieve with a new member of staff and to match them. We do not match an employee that has some but not all of the skills you are looking for. We understand and accept that no person is perfect and there will always be a skills deficiency between what you want and what a candidate has to offer, but we will only short list a person who has the abilities, drive and aptitude to close any minor skills shortages between what the candidate currently posseses and your ideal requirements.

Even being represented by Ansell Murray is a difficult process, as the candidate will be subjected to a rigorous interview process before we accept to represent them and they understand that we will not be looking to place them, unless it is to the requirements of the client company.

We are not in the business of mass recruitment, our aim as a specialist recruitment company is to match and our other expertise allow us to understand your requirements.

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